This new series has six half-hour stand-up specials, all solid — but a few stand out... Beth Stelling brings a winking gruffness to otherwise well-worn territory, like jokes about the idiocy of the T.S.A.

The New York Times

Stelling’s secret weapon is subtlety, the kind that demands your full attention in order to understand what’s special about her. If you give her that, the laughs will sneak up and overpower you.

Paste Magazine

Her episode of “The Standups” on Netflix packs an hour’s worth of laughs into a half-hour. Stelling is poised to become an even bigger comedy star in 2020.

The New York Times

Dry and acerbic, Beth Stelling’s jokes tend to catch you off guard. With a calm voice and casual delivery, she commands rooms across the country, as well as internationally. Pay attention, as even the asides—“My mom and I, we go way back”—are funny.

TimeOut Los Angeles

Beth Stelling has an amazing ability to use really well-constructed jokes conversationally and just make it feel like you’re sitting around chatting with a friend. Granted—a nationally recognized hilarious friend, but still.

Serial Optimist